A Musical Marriage Makes the News: A Season Preview

The Aston Magna Music Festival, home to the finest early music played anywhere, is also home to the enduring musical partnership and marriage of Aston Magna Artistic Director Daniel Stepner and Laura Jeppesen. The couple, who met in 1968, while sharing a music stand in a Yale orchestra, has anchored the festival for decades, with Dan on violin and Laura on viola da gamba. Their life’s work is built around their shared love of music, and this week the couple is profiled in the Waltham Tribune, and the Aston Magna 2016 season gets a sweet preview for opening night at Brandeis, on June 16.

It is fitting, perhaps, that the Tribune’s article appears in the old-fashioned print pages of a print newspaper that you can hold in your hands, and attach to your fridge.

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