Erin Headley Saved the Lirone from Extinction. Hear Why at Opening Weekend.

A single-handed save by Erin Headley. Find Out Why. Aston Magna Opening Weekend is Days Away.

Erin Headley, lironeThank you, Andy Pincus of The Berkshire Eagle, for capturing Erin Headley’s impact on the world of early music, with her revival and championship of the once extinct lirone. Erin Headley and her lirone are full musical display at Aston Magna’s opening weekend concert, June 16-18.

“If the instrument is played just right, Erin Headley says, it’s as if a ghost has walked into the room, so chilling and haunting is the effect. It’s the lirone, a 14-stringed Italian instrument that went obsolete around 1700 and Headley single-handedly revived. She’ll be playing it in Aston Magna’s season-opening concert, “Love and Lamentation,” Saturday night at 6 in the Daniel Arts Center at Simon’s Rock.” [read more here]

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