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Coaching Participating musicians – strings, winds and keyboard players – will receive ensemble coaching mornings for 2 1/2 hours on Bach’s masterwork, A Musical Offering. The week culminates in a performance by the participants at the Sommersaal (Bach Museum).


Walking Tour of Leipzig: City of Music Leipzig’s 800-year musical history begins with the establishment of the world-famous Thomanerchor (St. Thomas Choir) in 1212. Since then, the sound of music has resonated through the streets as the city has been home to some of Europe’s most influential musicians and composers. Bach, Mendelssohn, Robert and Clara Schumann, Grieg, and Wagner all lived and worked here. Musical history is still being written in Leipzig today, with world-famous ensembles performing to audiences throughout the city, whether in the Gewandhaus, in St. Thomas Church or the Opera. This walking tour will help you to become familiar with the historic center city as well as the composers and venues that are part of the city’s rich musical tradition.


Lecture by Bach Archiv Scholar and Visit to the Bach Museum Recognized as the world’s pre-eminent center of Bach scholarship, the Bach Archiv and Museum in Leipzig conveys a vivid impression of his music, provides insights into the methods and various fields of Bach research, and displays original Bach manuscripts and other precious items. We will enjoy a private lecture by a senior scholar from the Bach Archiv before visiting the permanent exhibition. Interactive features play a significant role and allow visitors to become actively involved in many facets of the exhibition. A favorite feature at this museum: audio guides containing musical examples, many on original period instruments, which truly bring the exhibition to life!


Lecture on the economic, political and religious themes of Bach’s time We’ll visit Leipzig’s Altes Rathaus, home to the Museum of the City of Leipzig and one of the most important Renaissance buildings remaining in Germany. In the old council chamber Johann Sebastian Bach signed his employment contract as Cantor at St. Thomas School and Director of Music for the City of Leipzig in 1723. The only authentic portrait of Bach (by Elias Gottlob Haussmann, 1746) is on exhibition, as is an original manuscript in Bach’s hand.

Full-day excursion to Arnstadt and Eisenach We begin in Arnstadt where Bach went to examine the Wender Organ when he was only 18 years old and was immediately offered a permanent position at the New Church. We’ll visit key sites associated with Bach and his family, including the Bach Exhibition at the Palace Museum. Then on to lunch at the Hotel Wartburg, where we will enjoy 5-star cuisine and a stunning view over the Thuringian forest. We continue to Eisenach, where Bach was born in 1685, for a private tour following Bach’s footsteps through visits to St George’s Church where Bach was baptized and sang in the choir, his old Latin School where he took his first music lessons and the Bach Museum. In addition, our guide will speak about the rich historic and cultural tradition of the city that is closely associated with Luther, Goethe, Telemann, Wagner and Liszt.

~~ Concerts ~~


Faculty Concert
featuring Bach’s Musical Offering at the Sommersaal
in the Bach Museum.

Participant Concert
at the Sommersaal in the Bach Museum.


Motet Concert at the St. Thomas Church The St. Thomas Boys Choir, whose history dates back to the year 1212, is the oldest cultural establishment of the city of Leipzig. Through the influence of the many St. Thomas Cantors, including the most famous — Johann Sebastian Bach (Thomas Cantor 1723-1750) — the city of Leipzig and the St. Thomas Church became the center of Protestant church music.


ACTIVITIES FOR NON-PLAYING GUESTS While musician participants are engaged in quartet coaching sessions, non-playing guests and spouses may take advantage of informally organized tours to explore and discover Leipzig. These tours are optional activities; entrance and/or other fees are not included in the cost of the conference.


Tour of the Museum of Fine Arts One of the largest collections of fine art in Europe, with works from the late Middle Ages to the present day, including major works by German and Dutch Old Masters as well as German paintings from the 19th century. The extensive collection of Cranach paintings is unique in the world. In a unique synthesis of art and architecture, a 112-foot-high glass cube filled with natural light serves as the entrance hall. The adjoining gallery spaces feature towering ceilings and walls of glass that offer wonderful vistas of the Baroque buildings opposite the museum.


Tour of the BMW Automobile Factory The province of Saxony is home to a number of automobile factories and the German auto industry is known for the high quality of its engineering. We’ll take a behind-the-scenes tour, led by an engineer, to learn how a BMW is built at this state-of-the-art facility. The building, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, features an innovative design which allows factory workers and managers to commingle in a fluid matrix of automotive production and administration.


Artist Studio and Gallery Tour Leipzig’s dynamic art scene enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and has turned Leipzig into a hotspot in the contemporary art world. Spinnerei, formerly the largest cotton mill of continental Europe, is now home to galleries, exhibition halls and artist studios.


Forum of Contemporary History This fascinating exhibition commemorates the history of political repression against opposition and resistance in the context of the division of Germany following the Second World War. It provides a fascinating view into the daily lives of East German citizens under the communist dictatorship. The museum’s permanent exhibition focuses on repression, citizen resistance, and the events that ultimately led to the “Peaceful Revolution” of 1989.