Aston Magna

Tango Bandoneon & del Curto with Aston Magna

The bandoneon is the leading lady of the tango and other South American dance music, and she comes alive in the hands of a master, Hector del Curto, during Aston Magna’s opening weekend June 15-17. “Music for Forbidden Dances” captures a swath of seductive dance music as del Curto teams up with the Aston Magna musicians for a concert of tangos, sarabands and chaconas. The music of Arañes, Bach, Bert
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Perfect Pitch: David Miller, Viola

I’ve always loved listening to music from my earliest years.  I have perfect pitch and synesthesia, meaning I associate colors with different keys.  When I was a toddler, my mother played phonograph records for me. When I would ask for the red or the green music, Mom would write down the colors on the record albums so she would know for the next time.  She told me later that it had nothing to do with the color
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Bach to Rock: Noise with Alex Burtzos

As Stravinsky once said, “Good composers borrow – great composers steal.” Like most future musicians (I suspect), I have had a lifelong interest in noisemaking. Before the introduction of instruments, which eventually channeled this energy in a specifically musical direction, I enjoyed shouting, banging, and using household objects as makeshift percussion equipment (all of this is well-documented on VHS tapes residin
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Summer 2015: A Cornucopia of Music!

It’s official! We now have our lineup of music and for Aston Magna’s 43rd season, and we’d like to share the headlines! Our musical guests artists are lining up as well, and we will keep you posted as the ensemble expands! A Musical Feast: Aston Magna Music Festival 2015 Presents Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Marais, Schubert and More Vocalists Dominique Labelle, Frank Kelley and others join Aston Magna for
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Aston Magna: Leipzig Recap

Aston Magna traveled to Leipzig, Germany, in January for a week of workshops, tours, lectures and fun in and around JS Bach’s final musical home. The event was a resounding success, and here we share some photos of the week, followed by Artistic Director Dan Stepner’s recap of a terrific winter experience with Aston Magna. Click on any photo to view it in full-size. Notes from Dan Stepner Now that I’m fin
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Aston Magna’s International Debut in Leipzig

What a way to ring in the New Year! Aston Magna Music Festival makes its international debut at the Bach Museum’s Sommersaal in Leipzig, Germany, on January 7, 2015! The concert is a bright highlight of Aston Magna’s J.S. Bach Workshop Week in Leipzig (January 4- 11), in which workshop participants — string, wind and keyboard players — will be coached in Bach’s A Musical Offering, among
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“Nico Muhly Sounds Off” ~ A Preview Interview for Aston Magna’s Finale Weekend

Composer Nico Muhly talks with the Boston Globe about his inspiration for the piece “Aston Magna,” being premiered this weekend at the season finale weekend of the Aston Magna Music Festival. The work is inspired by the 1918 Aston Magna estate, built by Charles Freer, and now owned by Aston Magna Foundation Co-founder Lee Elman. “Though Muhly has been to Aston Magna [estate] several times, the piece
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Aston Magna circa 1972

Back in the Days…

In Aston Magna’s first season, 1972, this concert was performed on the lawn of the magnificent property named “Aston Magna,” owned by the festival’s co-founder, Lee Elman.  The artists, as those below, were among the finest in the early music field.
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Cultural Season Kickoff

Kicking off Culture

Aston Magna will join our arts and culture neighbors and friends Thursday, May 1 in Great Barrington to share flyers, brochures, ticket raffles and some general excitement about the upcoming cultural season. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and neighbors, the ones who make our region so lively every year — and not just in the summer!  
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Aston Magna: The 2014 Festival Schedule

We are thrilled to announce the 2014 Aston Magna Music Festival, and we can’t wait to see you at one or all of our four wonderful concert venues! This year, we introduce ART/SMART, a $15 ticket program for patrons under 30. Once you view our schedule, you’ll want to go straight to astonmagna.org’s calendar for more details and ticket instructions. Meanwhile, for a taste of what’s to come, read
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