Tango Bandoneon & del Curto with Aston Magna

The bandoneon is the leading lady of the tango and other South American dance music, and she comes alive in the hands of a master, Hector del Curto, during Aston Magna’s opening weekend June 15-17. “Music for Forbidden Dances” captures a swath of seductive dance music as del Curto teams up with the Aston Magna musicians for a concert of tangos, sarabands and chaconas. The music of AraƱes, Bach, Bertali, Merula, Purcell, Corelli and Rodriquez is on the roster for this exciting opening weekend at Brandeis, Bard and in the Berkshires.

del-curto-tango-bandoneonIf, like so many Aston Magna fans, you like to indulge in a little pre-concert history and education before joining us to listen, take six minutes to view this video,Hector del Curto: Eternal Piazzolla.” You’ll hear his music for tango and other dances, and you’ll hear him tell his own story of discovering the bandoneon as a child in Argentina.

If you don’t yet have tickets, visit us at astonmagna.org, to reserve your seats for opening weekend and to explore our other festival concerts in June and July. Each concert is preceded by a pre-concert talk, so there is another opportunity to learn before listening.

Meet Hector and the Aston Magna musicians in person following our June 17 concert at Saint James Place in Great Barrington, at a post-concert wine and cheese reception with the artists. Aston Magna’s concerts are marked by their intimacy, as early music is intended to convey, and we welcome you.

We look forward to seeing you for opening weekend — which also marks Aston Magna’s 45th Anniversary!