Translation: Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen (Cantata No. 12)

Weeping, Lamentation, Worry and Despair (Cantata No. 12)

1. Sinfonia
2. Chorus

Weeping, lamentation,

worry, despair,

anguish and trouble

are the Christian’s bread of tears,

that bear the marks of Jesus.
3. Recitative (alto)

We must enter the Kingdom

of God through much sorrow.
4. Aria (alto)

Cross and crown

are bound together,

struggle and reward are united.

Christians have at all times

their suffering and their enemy,

yet their comforts

are Christ’s wounds.
5. Aria (baritone)

I follow after Christ,

I will not let go of Him

in prosperity and hardship,

in life and mortality.

I kiss Christ’s shame,

I will embrace His cross.

I follow after Christ,

I will not let go of Him.
6. Aria (tenor, with trumpet)

Be faithful,

all pain will yet be only a little thing.

After the rain blessing blossoms,

all storms pass away.

Be faithful, be faithful!
7. Chorale

What God does, is well done,

I will cling to this.

Along the harsh path

trouble, death and misery may drive me.

Yet God will,

just like a father,

hold me in His arms:

therefore I let Him alone rule.
*      *      *     *      *


from Cantata No. 208,

the “Hunting Cantata”

Sheep can graze securely

where a good shepherd watches.

Where rulers govern well

quiet and peace can be experienced

and all that makes countries happy.


Translations © Pamela Dellal, Courtesy Emmanuel Music Inc.