Aston Magna’s International Debut in Leipzig

What a way to ring in the New Year! Aston Magna Music Festival makes its international debut at the Bach Museum’s Sommersaal in Leipzig, Germany, on January 7, 2015!

The concert is a bright highlight of Aston Magna’s J.S. Bach Workshop Week in Leipzig (January 4- 11), in which workshop participants — string, wind and keyboard players — will be coached in Bach’s A Musical Offering, among other Bach works. Participants are being coached by Aston Magna’s workshop teaching artists Daniel Stepner, Aston Magna’s Artistic Director/baroque violin; Laura Jeppesen, viola da gamba; Christopher Krueger, baroque flute, and Peter Sykes, harpsichord.

Aston Magna Boston House Concert
The Sommersaal concert was previewed at a house concert at the Boston area home of Dan Stepner and Laura Jeppesen on Dec. 28.

The Leipzig workshop week is organized with the close cooperation of scholars and researchers from the Bach-Archiv Leipzig, the world’s pre-eminent center of Bach scholarship. This workshop picks up the thread of Aston Magna’s past Academies at Rutgers and Yale. Plans are already under way for a Purcell-Handel workshop in London in February 2016, so plan ahead: these dynamic workshops are open to musicians and their travel partners, with plenty of music and non-music activities for all. Besides coaching, workshop activities include private lectures, concerts, gallery, museum and restaurant visits for musicians and their travel partners.

Learn about Leipzig week at www.astonmagna.org/leipzig. To learn about future Aston Magna workshops in the U.S. and abroad, contact us!