Leipzig Workshop 2015


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Travel with Aston Magna to

Leipzig, Germany

JANUARY 4-11, 2015

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Ensemble Coaching • Private Lectures  •  Guided Sightseeing  * Concerts •  Fine dining •  More!

Conference Activities

Ensemble coaching of J.S. Bach’s A Musical Offering
Walking tour of Leipzig, City of Music
Lecture by a Bach Archive scholar and visit to the Bach Museum
Lecture on the economic, political and religious themes of Bach’s time
Full-day excursion to Arnstadt and Eisenach
Motet Concert at the St. Thomas Church

Other activities/events
for non-musicians and travel partners

Tour the Museum of Fine Arts
Tour the BMW Automobile Factory
Artist studio and gallery tour
Forum of Contemporary History



Aston Magna is excited to introduce a new way to experience music of the past, combining travel with the study of great masterworks of Western music. Our first project takes us to Leipzig where the centerpiece of our workshop will be J.S. Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer (Musical Offering). The historical background of this piece is legendary: Bach’s son, Carl Philipp Emmanuel was employed at the court of Frederick the Great, when a parental visit to Potsdam by the venerable “old Bach,” led to a challenge from Frederick improvise on his new fortepiano. The result: a gift to the monarch of this unique set of fugues, canons and a sonata that represents one of the summits of Sebastian’s inimitable contrapuntal and expressive art, replete with an occasional nod to the new galant style of his son’s generation.

Carl Philipp was an important composer in his own right, as is being revealed anew with the recent collected edition, now nearing completion. Aston Magna’s faculty-coaches will perform J. S. Bach’s entire Musical Offering along with selected works of Carl Philipp, whose 300th birthday we celebrate in 2014.

Participants may bring other Bach works to the workshop for coaching and informal performance.  The week will be full of musical and site-specific activities that should inspire any lover of Bach. Please join us on this journey of musical discovery!

Leipzig has long been one of Europe’s main musical destinations, thanks to its unique history as a musical and intellectual center of Germany. It is in Leipzig that Bach arrived in 1723 and spent 27 years as cantor at St. Thomas’s School while also serving as the city’s music director. It was in Leipzig that Bach composed five cycles of cantatas: the Christmas Oratorio, the St. John and St. Matthew Passions, and the Art of the Fugue.

Join us next January for an exciting week of music-making in Leipzig!


Daniel Stepner
Artistic Director


The Aston Magna Music Festival, approaching its 43rd year, is the nation’s longest-running early music festival, whose mission is to enrich the appreciation of music of the past, and the understanding of the cultural, political, and social contexts in which it was composed and experienced.